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June 10, 2010 4:12 am

For every diver, experiences underwater are always limited by time. The time it takes before you run low on air, the time it takes to explore a large wreck, the time it takes before that fish you have been trying to photograph becomes frightened and swims away. So what can we do to improve our time and experience underwater? The answer lies in Rebreathers. In this blog we look at the Poseidon Discovery Mark 6 Rebreather.

Last week The Poseidon Dive Team visited Bigfoot Underwater Studio and we spent 2 days testing out their revolutionary new rebreather, which can provide a whopping 4 hours of bottom time. Not only this but it is healthier for the body on dives and is noise free meaning, no bubbles!

Rebreathers have been around since the 19th Century. Unlike conventional scuba diving, rebreathers recycle exhaled breaths, circulating it through a filter, air and pure oxygen, which make it breathable again. This is the main reason why diving on rebreathers allows for very long dive times. The Poseidon Discovery Mark 6 Rebreather is the worlds first fully closed and fully automatic rebreather. This means that it expels absolutely no bubbles and

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