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May 16, 2010 2:57 am

The art of modeling underwater is always more challenging than it first seems. Images of beautiful girls gracefully gliding through the water, their bodies weightless, long hair flowing and a calm presence in their eyes often masks the skills and effort a model puts in which are vital for such attractive shots.

Last Sunday the Underwater Team at Bigfoot Studios worked on a Mick Gleissner underwater photo shoot. As usual the whole underwater team were involved. From Safety divers, Behind The Scenes photographers to an underwater lighting team and Mick concentrating on the principle underwater photography it takes a lot of people to help in the production of an encapsulating underwater image. In this weeks blog however we will focus on the skills required from our latest underwater models.

Sundays shoot was the first time Bigfoot Studios new model Tetiana Romanchuk had performed underwater. An often daunting task at the best of times, Tetiana had only recently become a qualified diver ( a safety requirement for all our underwater models). Fortunately, Tetiana and the other models involved are all very comfortable in the water. Relaxation is key to working in such an alien environment.

The shoot was conducted in our underwater studio, which provided a great deal of control over the production. Tetiana and the other models are all highly skilled at calming their breathing before touching the water. Talking with the safety diver before the shoot, slowing their heart rate, reaching an almost zen like state before going underwater are all unique skills which Tetiana managed to pick up very quickly.

Whenever a model is in the water there is always a safety diver present and in charge of each models safety. When descending and ascending the safety diver holds onto the model securely and makes sure the model can breath comfortably from their dedicated scuba tank. Obviously underwater modelling requires the model to hold their breath for an extended period of time. This is why relaxation is such an important skill for any model to master.

Tetiana can hold her breath for a long time but she is not a fish so at some point air will be necessary. Whenever air is required and the model cannot hold her breath any longer the safety diver is with them in a flash providing air.

In between shots Tetiana and the other models are able to breath from their dedicated scuba cylinders while underwater. This helps them to once again fill their bodies with delicious oxygen and also reach the level of calm required for the unique images Mick creates. Once they are relaxed and have reacquired their oxygen levels the safety diver backs off, the models hold their breaths again and shooting begins.

Although this was Tetiana

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